About Us

Phoenix Advisors Limited is a legal and financial consulting group helping its clients operate within the dense environment of complicated regulations, banking procedures, and potential threats lurking in the financial markets. Our company hires professionals experienced in the fields of law, finance, and investments.

We aim to provide high-level services while putting the clients’ interest at the top of our priorities.

Bearing in mind our outstanding effectiveness, commitment, and dedication, we charge only small upfront fees as most of our income comes from a commission from the cases we win. Therefore, our clients can be sure that we will not rest until they succeed. By paying us for good results you have your financial security granted without much risk in case no success is achieved.

We always seek to be one step ahead. We want to break barriers and apply innovative methods action. We desire our clients to derive full satisfaction from cooperation with our experts.

In order to achieve that purpose, we have established an innovative business model. We give you the chance to use our services at home. Phoenix Advisors Limited constitutes a blend of experience gathered on the international market and an innovative approach with convenience and security.

Phoenix Advisors Sp. z o.o. [LTD]; Rynek Główny 28, 31-010 Kraków; incorporated in the Republic of Poland by the District Court for Kraków-City Centre in Kraków under the National Court Register (KRS) number: 0000665666; NIP (Tax Identification): 6762523716; share capital: PLN 5000. 2015-2018 Phoenix Advisors. All rights reserved.

Why Phoenix Advisors?

We are the first and largest legal and financial consulting group operating on a global scale, who possess a comprehensive knowledge of financial markets, banking procedures, as well as international and particular laws. Phoenix Advisors will assist you to resolve issues with your supplier concerning faulty or non-delivered products as well as any other misunderstandings related to your on-line deals.