Phoenix was of great help to me and my family!

I submitted my request with Phoenix back in November 2017. I was approached by some other recovery companies like Birman Law that promised miracles to me before as I had lost my money to multiple brokers including Interactive Option, UK Option, and a few others. I spoke with Mr Rafal Kwasniewicz, a Dispute Resolution Officer at Phoenix Advisors at first, and he was able to answer all of my questions regarding the brokers and my cases, and explain the recovery process in a simple way. I lost over £250,000 and was really desperate to get at least some of my funds back. Phoenix was able to get over 60% of that back into my pocket so I am really satisfied with the outcome, and therefore I feel obliged to recommend them to anyone who’s in need of money recovery services. I would like to especially thank Mr Kwasniewicz for working on my cases for over 6 months, and all the time he spent with me on the phone.


28 May 2018

Thanks guys – I actually got real help from this Company

I was cheated and scammed by a few brokers, including Titan Trade, XTrade, and lost USD 135,000. I called Phoenix for the first time in July 2017, and was connected with Mr Rafal Kwasniewicz who was handling my cases ever since then. In March 2018 Phoenix was able to work out a settlement with 2 of my brokers and I got back over 80,000 USD from the funds I already considered completely lost. There were ups and downs during the whole procedure but everything ended up well in the end. These guys got me back on track after I lost all my savings, I can recommend them to anyone who was cheated by any online scammers, and there is so many of them nowadays. Thanks guys, I appreciate your work very much.

13 April 2018

Super assist

I have a good experience with phoenix advisors group which is some broker in England have stolen my money by buying and selling wrong stocks and he meant to make me loose, and after i have tried many times to get my money back and i can not got anything until i asked for someone who can help me and after searching i have found phoenix advisors and i contact them to try to help me and they asked me for some documents and everything happened between me and the broker and they tell me what to do with my bank and to make some procedures and to get some papers and i sent it to them and finally they success to bring my money back to me in less than 45 days which i was thinking that i will never get it back

11 October 2017

Great efficient and professional service

Great efficient and professional service provided by the company. They were able to resolve my complicated case against a scam financial institution and retrieve my money back.

11 October 2017

Best support of this …

Best support  & Phoenix solved our quarise.?

29 September 2017

Good job!

I recently recovered funds from Xtrade and Binary Tilt. Thank you Phoenixadvisorgroup all the good work. Happy to share my experience.

18 September 2017

Recovered Money from Xtrade

I had an issue with Xtrade and I am grateful to Phoenix for helping me to recover 30% of my funds compared to another company who said they could not help me.

29 August 2017

Einfach großartige Menschen, sie kamen zu mir wie Engel, um meine Verluste mit den Brokern zu erholen und sie bekam wieder meine 5000 Dollar. Es ist so schön diese Leute auch kleineren Investoren wie ich helfen gegen den Brokers. Tschüss!

15 September 2016

Ich empfehle Phoenix jedem, der wie ich von den berüchtigten Maklern betrogen worden ist. Herr Albert Kastner ist ein großer Berater, der mich durch den ganzen Prozess geführt hat und alle notwendigen Institutionen in meinem Namen kontaktiert hat. Es ist großartig, dass solche Menschen nach allem, was mir geschah, noch existieren. Vielen Dank Albert und das Phoenix Team!

22 July 2016


I approached Phoenix as one of my friends who previously lost some money with the brokers recommended them to me after a successful recovery. I decided to turn in with 4 different cases that I had on-going with different brokers and paid 4x $700 for each case upfront totalling up to $2800. I was displeased at first as my first advisor has been often very busy with other cases as well and didn’t answer me fast enough but then one of the founders took over my case and got in charge. Since I started working with the Chief Legal Officer at Phoenix things were put in motion extremely fast. He contacted all the institutions and the brokers on my behalf as my legal representative after signing power of attorney, and soon after the negotiations from all sides we were able to recover over 80% of my funds and sign settlement agreement with the brokers. I had a large sum of money invested with them and I can say it was more than worth to work with Phoenix and Mr Iracki as the upfront I paid was nothing compared to the amounts they were able to retrieve for me. I have paid just 15% as I chose the most expensive plans in the beginning so I decided to donate 5% to Phoenix even after they finished their work as I firmly believe this company deserves much more for the work they have been doing and how much do they risk as those processes can take a very long time. I would like to once again say thank you Mr Iracki and the Phoenix team! Best regards, Adam.

7 June 2016


ساعدتنى الشركه لاسترجاع مبلغ ٤۲٦٥۰ من شركة فوركس نصبت على. شكر خاص لاخى و عزيزى استاذ مالك زايد على كل مجهوداته التى ادت لاسترجاع اموالى كامله

12 April 2016

Successful recovery!

I recommend Phoenix to anyone who has been cheated just like me by the notorious brokers. Malek Zayed is a great advisor who led me through the whole recovery process and contacted all the necessary institutions on my behalf. It’s great to see people like that still exist after what happened to me with those heartless and cruel broker employees. Thank you Malek and the Phoenix team!

3 March 2016

Highly recommended!

I’m very thrilled to say that I have recovered part of the money that I got cheated by Banc de Binary and I’d like to write in favour of Phoenix Advisors Ltd (http://phoenixadvisorsgroup.com/). Phoenix Advisors is NOT a scam.
At first I tried to do a chargeback with the bank directly, I tried to do it myself. The result was negative; the bank rejected my request and would not open the chargebacks for me (not to mention I’ve put the whole process at risk as after bank’s rejection I had even smaller chance to open, not to even mention winning the dispute so I suggest for people to don’t even try to handle it on their own as then you might not even have a chance to get any help from the professionals).

Luckily, I had opened a thread and a case in this FPA website and Pheonix Advisors contacted me offering their services. I thought that if I didn’t need to pay anything up front, then it would be worth a try. Anyways, I didn’t have any other options. So I settled an agreement with them and sent them all the information about my case. They guided me throughout all the process and were able to assist me in a way that the bank was willing to open the chargebacks. They helped me open a dispute against the Bank and contact the Financial Ombudsman to regulate my dispute against the Bank. That was the only way they opened the chargebacks. After 7 months of a long process going back and forth with the Bank, the Financial Ombudsman and Phoenix Advisors (emails, letters, calls, etc.), Mastercard ruled in my favour and I was able to get a refund for AU$36,855 (US$27,035)

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them, they have the knowledge and the expertise and know exactly what to do and say to the Banks. I’d also like to thank Anthony and the personnel at Phoenix Advisors for helping me recover those funds, you really came back to me in a timely manner responding to every single question I had and every email I sent you. It really gives me space to breathe as I got deeply into debt to be able to put money into BDB.

Unfortunately, some of the money I sent to BDB was through Bank Wire Transfer and that is impossible to recover, at least that’s what Phoenix Advisors told me.

17 February 2016

Phoenix is the best company I have ever worked with!

I’m glad to share that Phoenix Advisors have successfully retrieved part (170.000 USD out of 260.000) of my funds from one of the most notorious scam brokers. The Phoenix team definitely understood my case and the technicalities around it. With their perseverance, hardwork and dedication, we managed to retrieve part of my capital which could have been completely gone if not for Phoenix Advisors. So seriously guys, if you doubt them then there is nooone else in the world that can help you with scam brokers. I recommend Phoenix Advisors, professional and committed to help. (And no, this is not an advertisment)

14 January 2016


I can highly recomend Phoenix Advisors! They have been very helpful as I am a young guy who had little knowledge about both investing and recovery process after I have been scamed. They did an awesome job and got my funds back!

3 November 2015

Thanks 🙂

I would like to thank the whole Phoenix crew for their hard work on my case and the success we achieved together in getting my money back. I wouldn’t have made it without them, great service!

16 October 2015

Great job!

I’m very fond of the service they have provided. They explained the whole recovery process to me in details and led me through it. Phoenix representatives managed to restore my capital and bring back a smile onto my face and I’ll be forever thankful for that ?

24 September 2015

Simply great people, they came to me like some kind of angels. I didn’t lose a big amount but i was still important to me to recover my losses with the brokers and they got back my 5000 USD. It’s so nice of these guys to help even smaller investors like me who got in trouble with the brokers.

9 September 2015

Wonderful service, I cannot deny I was very skeptical at first after I have been scammed online by the brokers but these guys helped me a lot and I got back my full credit card debt and a part of my wire transfer which sum up to over $150.000. I didn’t even think this is possible at first but dreams came true I guess and I am still shocked it worked out this way. I am so happy I was approached by them!

7 September 2015

I am so glad I was able to find these guys online! Recovered over 80.000 GBP, most of my life savings, thanks to their help. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fact that they even managed to struggle with me when I was a complete mess after what occurred with the brokers… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU is all I can say!

24 August 2015

Greetings from Poland

It’s great to know there are people out there like these guys! They have addressed all my concerns professionally and did awesome job on retrieving my money. I would like to thank you for your great service and hope you can achieve much success in the future, best of luck!

15 August 2015

Anthony is the best! Thanks for all the hard work 🙂

Thanks to Phoenix Advisors I’ve been able to recover all of my funds, over 8000 AUD that I have borrowed from my parents as I am stil studying! Anthony Podolak, Phoenix representative and my personal advisor who was helping me is my true lifesaver! [The guy is so charming by the way ;)] I hope you can help as many victims as possible guys, big thank you! ?

1 August 2015

Thanks for help

Hello, I have been scammed by various companies and had some problems with my credit and debit card purchases I recently made for my electronic equipment. I have been approached by Phoenix a while ago and I am happy to say they have resolved most of my cases successfully, the correspondence was a bit slow in the beginning but most important fact remains – they have helped me greatly so thank you guys and good luck – special thanks to my personal advisor Malek Zayed!

12 July 2015

Well done Phoenix!

I am an 70 years old pensioner and it’s a shame to say but I have been scammed by one of the binary options companies earlier this year. for over 30k GBP. I have been anxious about working with anyone online yet again after my previous experience but Anthony Podolak from Phoenix Advisors has explained the recovery process to me and helped me all the way through it. Phoenix representatives proved to be very helpful and have been able to restore over 80% of my lost funds. I am very glad with them and I hope they can help other victims like me in the future.

3 July 2015


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