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Online Fraud


Online fraud is the use of internet services or software with internet access to defraud or take advantage of victims like for example by stealing personal information from them. Most scammers and fraudsters often try to come up with something lucrative, an opportunity to offer to people. And this is what leads to people end up losing not only money but also personal information.

Online fraud can include the following:-

  • Business opportunity fraud
  • Government agency scam
  • Health scam
  • Holiday fraud
  • Internet dialer scam
  • Loan scams
  • Lottery scams
  • Romance scams
  • Work from home scams.

Business opportunity fraud normally involves an offer that someone is given to become financially independent or a way of generating or making income by setting up your own business. These are sometimes posted online like an advert or letter asking you if you are interested in making money easily from home.

The way some of these schemes work is that you have an opportunity to pay money upfront as some sort of registration fee, and then you set up your website. You are then required to buy products and then sell or sometimes they send you an instructional manual on how to run the business.


Government agency scams are scams that happen when someone purports to extract personal information or money from someone else using a letter or email from a government agency. What normally happens is that the correspondence usually gives an impression that they are from some sort of government agency and have some kind of authority and end up extracting money from people.

The letter or email that they send is always some sort of demand to the person that they have to register their business in order to meet some sort of legislation and thereby asking for some fee for them to process some documents. Fraud is normally committed when money is lost.



Most of the health and medical scams often occur when one receives an email of a tablet that is being promoted that works a lot of miracles. They involve health and medical related drugs that appear to be the best alternative of modern medicine. Most of the products on sale are always products that are said to be able to cure HIV, baldness, cancer and the rest.

Another form of scam involves fake pharmacies that tend to offer drugs and medicines online cheaply without any subscription. In some cases, you order the drugs and you are not guaranteed that they are the right medicine and at other times these drugs can damage one’s health.


Holiday fraud happens when you have paid a travel agent some money online for a short term lodging only to find out that the place you booked does not exist.

It is good to protect yourself from such scams that normally occur by ignoring unsolicited emails and social media posts offering holidays in different parts of the country.


Internet dialer fraud or scams happens when computer settings of a person’s computer are changed such that their internet connection is re-routed through a telephone line. This can happen when a person opens a spam email or even visits a pay-per-view-website and then download maybe a software that changes the computer.


This normally happens when a person responds to an advert that tells them that they could be able to get a fast loan which will not require them to have any credit history. Before they are given the loan, they are normally told to give out or pay some amount of money as insurance for the loan.

What then happens is that the victim being desperate will pay out the fee but never hears from the company or organization again. Once money is lost, it is a fraud.


This simply takes place when you are told that you have won a lottery or a jackpot and told to pay some amount of money as a fee that will enable you to receive your gift.


This is one of the most common scams in this day and age. One normally thinks that they have found or met a partner online through social media or a website but the person on the picture is not always the real person.

What they first begin doing is to earn your trust and show you how much or what they are willing to do for you or for the relationship that both of you are having. The person then ends up asking for money from you and once the money is sent to them they disappear.


You are made an offer to make money easily while you are at home. The catch comes when the scheme organizer will ask you to pay money in advance and hence avoids paying for the work done. Some will even make you buy products that are fake and that is how you end up loosing your money.

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